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Install Plex Server in Ubuntu without a desktop

A quick guide on how to install Plex Server in Ubuntu without the Ubuntu Desktop for a dedicated media server. Don’t bog down your gaming rig any more! Further to my post last year about installing Plex on Fedora; I… Continue Reading →

Fix missing game icons in Steam for Linux

If there’s one thing that annoys me on my desktop it’s icons not showing up. Sadly this seems to be one thing that plagues a lot of games on Steam. Rather than write to Steam or the Game developers themselves… Continue Reading →

Lester and The Bee Flyer Design

Just a quick post to show off a flyer I’ve designed this afternoon for the musical sensations that are Lester Norton and Antonia “The Bee” Barrett-Norton.

Despite what I wrote about in my previous post, I just can’t help but create a new design on the fly… on my live site. Apologies if there are any outages while I tinker… The theme is based on Baskerville… Continue Reading →

Develop faster in Fedora with a local LAMP

Are you a web developer or designer? Do you want a local LAMP server for all your building and experimenting needs? Do you often use WordPress but up until now all your work has been done online, tying you down… Continue Reading →

Setup Plex Media Server on Fedora

Plex is a great way to get access to your media files anywhere you want them. However, setting up Plex on Fedora can be a little bit tricky if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Save yourself the silent screams… Continue Reading →

Tin your WP spam comments for good.

Spam comments are a nuisance. I’ve just spent about half an hour going through comments posted to this site in the last week or so, most of which it has to be said were rubbish! However, there are better ways… Continue Reading →

Surely a Google April Fools!

I got this pop up when Iogged into my gmail account this morning. Google Selfie/Shelfie theme? Is it awful that I almost like the idea?!

Integrate CodePen with Ubuntu Unity Launcher

Like CodePen? Use Ubuntu? Would you like to combine the two in a far more integrated way? Then read on! As I have written about in an earlier post I quite like Codepen. In many ways I find it easier… Continue Reading →

Nvidia Prime just got handy for upcoming Ubuntu 14.04

Support for Nvidia Optimus is coming on in leaps and bounds in Ubuntu, I especially love how it’s shaping up in the next release of Ubuntu – 14.04 Trusty Tahr. Having used Bumblebee up until now to enable my discrete… Continue Reading →

Develop ideas and code with free online sandboxes

Today I had felt like tinkering with my blog design. Normally, when writing code, I hop between Code Writer (incidentally not a bad app for Windows 8 and a much more attractive looking alternative to Notepad++) and Firefox; alt-and-tabbing often… Continue Reading →

Windows 8.1 Sound Recorder: Why do you play games?

Recently I have needed to use Windows SoundRecorder to record a few snippets of sound for a project I am working on. What I didn’t realise however, after I had finished recording my samples and laboriously renaming them all, was… Continue Reading →

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