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Gone but not for long

Please bear with me, I’d hoped the transition between my old host and my new one would be smoother than this but due to unforeseen circumstances some aspects… : My personal blog/portfolio/thinking space

It’s not exactly new but I’ve finally got around to moving onto my new servers and freshened it up with a new theme. I’m still working on…

Google celebrates 20th Anniversary of Wallace and Gromit

Because I love Wallace and Gromit too!

The end for wordpress coders?

I’ve recently (just now in fact) been made aware of an adobe Photoshop plugin for wordpress theme creation straight from a psd design. Looking through the Divine Project…

Down for everyone or just me?

By accident I found a very useful website for checking whether a location is online or not. If you’re testing your own site or scrutinising your internet connection;…

Keep in sync with Xmarks

While I’m putting together my final review of Moon OS I thought I’d talk a little about a plugin I use a lot these days. Xmarks started initially…

Ridiculously good-looking but just ridiculous underneath

Finally I’m nearly there with the basics of this theme. The look and feel is about right, and when I load the page I like what I see….

Linux Mint Generated Button

After a little discussion and some information about how functions from mesanna I’ve quite quickly made the first demo version of a generated button. And here it…

Google Wave – communication as it could/should be

I’m tempted to talk a lot about this new developing application; it’s uses as well as how it could well revolutionise how the world communicates online. But I…

Another theme update

Yet again I’m posting up another screenshot of my work in progress theme.

Basically, with this theme I wanted something really personal, the kind of theme you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. I also wanted to make its palette slightly ubuntuesque with oranges and browns. I think it’s coming along pretty well.