Tweeted this week 2009-05-31

  • Installed and getting intimate with Windows 7. Honestly, I’m quite impressed; in a slightly “it’s about time” kind of way. #
  • Ah today is such a relief – no work! Which means me, my pc and a lot of loud music; been through cat empire, rodrigo y gabriela – now NOFX. #
  • #3wordsaftersex :: “Can I help?” #
  • I no longer know what I’m supposed to do on or with facebook. There’s a lot fighting for my attention but nothing actually interests me! #
  • Google Wave looks absolutely amazing! I’m a long time gmail user and this makes a lot of sense to me. #
  • RT @sitepointdotcom Why Opera 10’s User Agent Smells Bad :: Version num. shouldn’t be compromised for bad scripts #
  • Hmm, heavy night last night.. Long slow day today but it’s relaxing into a nice bright but cool evening. @colliersteph missing you muchly #
  • Tweeting with twitter-tools by Alex King. Can’t wait to see what the weekly digest looks like. WordPress could turn me.. it really could. #
  • Stuck at work, staring at what’s left of todays sunshine. My kingdom for a window that opens! #

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