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Clem, the man behind Linux Mint is looking to do a little promotion for what I think is a pretty damn good distribution of Linux. With the recent release of Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” the OS is really moving forward with some great intuitive additions to the Linux Mint installer as well as their synaptic equivalent.

But I’m not here to start reviewing Mint… yet.

I had a little idea to further the promotion and I think I may spend some of this weekend coding some examples of it to try out on this site and in forum signatures. I think promotion nowadays needs relevance and needs to do and say more than a standard banner image ever could. It’s voice could probably do with being bilingual as well.

That’s why I think json requests/php generated images could be the way forward, or at least the first few steps. Combined with a strong theme and clever use of valid html (biggest pet peeve in the world is the number of “widgets” available for various platforms which are not coded correctly – flickr case in point) anyone could make use of this and promote the OS they love.

More thoughts to come.

Ben out.

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