Tweeted this week 2009-06-14

  • Today is decision day – to where do we move? #
  • Whoop – holding a beautiful flat for a month before we hopefully move in at the end: No more matchbox living! #
  • Raaaaaaaaaats still in the flat, socialising during the night and day now. No cold water, low supply of hot. No shower. It never ends. #
  • New series of “That Mitchell and Webb Look” starts tonight at 10pm on BBC2 – just in time if I run home from work! #
  • @OutsrceWebsite Thanks for the retweet, you like my designs? I have so many more to put online.. it’s just finding the time! in reply to OutsrceWebsite #
  • Nearly the end of another week, I’d swear someone’s trimming them. I know time is money and the country’s in recession but this is silly… #

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