Sea Anemone Wallpaper – Updated

Last week I was in Norfolk, catching up with my family. While we were down there we visited the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth. I would thoroughly recommend the place – the kids loved it! Just be wary of over-excited penguins – so have a plan on how to explain their behaviour!

Just a quick update to let you know I have put up a new freebies wallpaper page. Feel free to use and share!
Freebie Wallpapers ->

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Chocolate Bonsai Wallpaper


Inspired (if that’s really the right word) by all this new Ubuntu artwork I decided to have a little go at creating a new wallpaper. As I said in my last post I like brown, it’s smooth, sexy and natural. So, after a little tinkering with an old photo of my Bonsai tree – ‘Gemmell’ – I created this.

It’s now the default wallpaper on my desktop: could it be yours?

If anyone does like it I’ll upload the (somewhat mammoth sized) gimp xcf file so anyone can play with the colours or whatever they wish.

Ubuntu colours: earthy or veggie?

Anyone even remotely interested in Linux these days can’t really go more than a few days without reading something, somewhere about Ubuntu. It’s easily the most popular distribution of Linux out irrespective of how you calculate this. Be it from distrowatchs‘ rankings or just running a google search for Linux and seeing how many results pertain to Ubuntu (usually most of them).

Currently the chatter surrounding Ubuntu is obviously focused on its next upcoming release 10.04 Lucid Lynx. However, most blog posts and news articles are all talking about the new artwork rather than any technological advances. Discussion (as ever with Ubuntu users and critics alike) seems to focus almost solely on colour. Yes that’s right. I said colour. This release will bring about quite a few changes in not only the colour scheme of the default desktop, it’s wallpaper and themes but also the ubuntu website, online shop, documentation cd covers (just mockups currently) and more besides. Which is nice. But how important is it?

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More Candy for Karmic Koala

Apparently a greater selection of wallpapers and background images will be included in the next release of Ubuntu. I’m a little unsure about this. It can only be a good thing I suppose, more artwork, more community input – all good things. But is it needed? There are so many artwork websites out there for linux, you’re only ever a link away from gnome-look, kde-look, xfce-look, linuxmint-art (all essentially the same site, just rebranded and visited by different users… I assume) to name but a few.

But I think I’m just grumbling. So many people criticize ubuntu for the fact it’s brown and orange.. but so what. The easiest thing to do on a Linux computer (for me personally, in Gnome) is change the theme and general appearance of your desktop.

Everything can be customized. Don’t like the brown? Fine, it takes seconds to change it. If, like me, you prefer a simple, sensible desktop and just want to make the odd few changes here and there – you can.

But sorry I’ll stop now. Rant over. I guess that’s why the forum phenomenon “flame-wars” are called as such, the battles are often over but the war carries on..

More wallpapers can only really do good for Ubuntu and the huge community that enjoys and supports it, maybe I’ll do a couple of my own..

Shooting Richness; My new wallpaper and web design

Over the last few days I’ve been doing a little tinkering with my blog layout, trying to find something to elevate it a little, make it more eye-catching and just generally more aesthetically pleasing.

I think I’ve succeeded with this background! Once I’ve finished making all the files I will put these up for download in a variety of different resolutions to suit all desktops.

I made them using the GNU Image Manipulation Program, making specific use of the motion blur filter and the erasing colours to transparency with a gradient.

blue green purple red

And a purple one for you mesanna – hope it’s the right purple!

Edit: these files can now be found in the artwork section here.

Design tweaking

As you may have noticed, in the last few days I’ve been tinkering with the design slightly, bringing it slowly closer to the finished article.

If you like the background, expect to see more of it when release it as a wallpaper. I’ll be doing some colour variations and possibly some Linux badges may find there way on somewhere.

My big question now though, is do I make the main content black to match the rest of the page or leave it as white to stand out and ensure it’s easily readable?

Love to hear your comments.

Bonsai Autumn Wallpaper

Just a little example of what can be easily achieved using only free software – not bad for an hour or so’s work!

Click below to download the full size image if you like, it makes quite a nice desktop wallpaper. It’s in png format… not sure if you can use png’s in windows but most other OS should be fine. I know Linux is, but I’m biast!

[wpdm_package id=’2128′]