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Well today I awoke to find news of the latest release of WordPress. A quick read-through of the changes sure brought a smile to my face. I’ve been a  little out of the WP loop (pun… slightly intended), and had just started using my installation as the be all and end all of my site, the reliable and durable blog/cms I could safely keep coming back to. Instead of viewing it, as I do most other scripts I use and tinker with (often from opensourcecms.com), as a new chance to stretch my coding muscles – my eyes, fingers and brain I suppose!

Playing with the size and orientation of my mug is now a lot easier. Wish I could alter said mug with this too 😉

I for one am fairly keen on the new in post image editor, I think WP has been needing this for some time and I’m very glad we now have one! It is a little basic, allowing you to crop, rotate or flip your image as well as change it’s size. While true, this does cover the basics I would still like to have seen a few slightly more interesting features.

Whilst on the subject of images I also really like the fact that your posts can now have images assigned to them. This has been possible through plugins for some time but never built in. I like the fact that I can add some extra colour to a post now, having chosen while making the theme where the posts image will go, not sat there tinkering for half an hour with css in the post editor.

From the development blog:

Custom post types have been upgraded with better API support so you can juggle more types than just post, page, and attachment. (More of this planned for 3.0.)

I really like the sound of this, utterly custom content types could open up a swathe of opportunity for creativity and allow wordpress to be the muscle behind even more types of website – not just your average blog.

This release brings with it far too many new changes for me to simply list here. Suffice to say you seem to be able to do more with WordPress every release and 2.9 brings more great features than I’ve seen added in a while. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can push their new template tags, hooks and filters to create some of the most interesting themes yet.  Now with the ability to create custom themes bundled with plugins, surely the sky is just not a high enough limit!

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