Month: September 2009

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Name that theme tune game: have fun with the telly you enjoyed watching! # Really enjoyed The Blue Squares last night at The Brewers…

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While I’m putting together my final review of Moon OS I thought I’d talk a little about a plugin I use a lot these days. Xmarks started initially as foxmarks, a Firefox plugin for backing up your bookmarks and actually syncing them each time you add/remove links. Adding a plugin to firefox is such an easy and, importantly, quick procedure that it meant you could share your bookmarks between two places effortlessly.

That functionality continues today with Xmarks but has been improved and expanded to include other browsers.

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September 16, 2009 / / Ubuntu

MoonOS Logo

September 9th, 2009 brought with it the third release of Moon OS codename Makara. It’s been on my periphery for a while now, seen in a similar vein to Elive but instead Moon OS presents itself as an installable OS rather than Elive, which I’ve alway found to be appealing if a little unpredictable. According to the website it’s powered by Ubuntu but I see a definite minty hand in how it’s laid out, certainly the grub gfx boot.

One of the stand out things I take from the website, screenshots and now I’ve booted from the cd the actual system is quite how good looking it is. Not too pretty, not too slick but slim and salubrious. I must admit I like the green. Having been an Ubuntu man for some time I’ve become used to Browns and oranges, a hint of red perhaps but mainly earthy colours on my Desktop. Green seems like a sensible progression and although I’ve never liked the green of OpenSUSE, Moon OS has it spot on.

But I digress, lets see some screenshots shall we?

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We need more ip addresses! Bring on ipv6, 340 trillion, trillion, trillion can’t be wrong. # Speech Debelle wins Mercury prize… fair enough. Just…

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Finally a use, if a purely entertaining one, for google maps other than to find your house! According to Just like the traditional board…

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Well, after a little shuffling and sorting I decided to install Kubuntu Karmic Koala Alpha 5 on a spare partition on one of my hard drives. It recently became spare when I erased its former occupant: Windows 7. It was just taking up space…

After a bit of a lagging installation I find myself, having just clicked the “don’t restart” yet button, wanting to show off a feature I found completely by accident. A now included Plasma Widget for Facebook pictured below and the nano blog widget.