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April 6, 2016 / / Linux

A quick guide on how to install Plex Server in Ubuntu without the Ubuntu Desktop for a dedicated media server. Don’t bog down your gaming rig any more!

Further to my post last year about installing Plex on Fedora; I have recently been asked on twitter by @mikestecker how to set up Plex without a gui (no desktop) for a separate NUC style server box. Well, after a bit of experimentation with VirtualBox (I don’t have another spare computer to setup as a server box sadly – donations welcome *wink*) I have streamlined the setup and present them to you here!

February 10, 2014 / / Design

Hayao Miyazaki has made some of my favourite anime films of all time. He is one of the greatest animators and directors in Japan.

His films are compelling, inspiring entertaining and thrilling. Proof of this is this beautiful piece of work by a fan.

May 26, 2009 / / Movies

Watch The Great Mouse Detective Online. The link above uses the playlist feature of youtube to link together clips. Works rather well, but not flawlessly.…

May 22, 2009 / / Movies

Interview with Akroid Despite the opinions of others I welcome this revival. I too have very fond memories of watching the films as a child…