Month: May 2009

May 31, 2009 / / Tweets

Installed and getting intimate with Windows 7. Honestly, I’m quite impressed; in a slightly “it’s about time” kind of way. # Ah today is…

May 29, 2009 / / Websites
May 27, 2009 / / Blog

shot-0.1-windows7 Well, in the last few days I’ve installed and have begun to get intimate with Windows 7 and honestly, I’m quite impressed; in an underwhelmed and slightly “well it’s about time” kind of way.

It’s improvements thus far, while occasionally quite good, are obvious userbility tweaks which should have been present in Vista.

I’ve never been one for Microsoft and have argued against its use and policies before. But just as I often can’t stop trying out distros of Linux I thought I’d try this. Hey, I got into the beta program for free and downloaded it for free. Up to that point – what difference is there between this and Linux? Well, quite a few actually but to that justice I need to delve a little deeper to form a more complete opinion.

Until then, enjoy these screenshots of my currently running system and tell me what you think. It definitely looks good. That much I can say!

May 26, 2009 / / Movies

Watch The Great Mouse Detective Online. The link above uses the playlist feature of youtube to link together clips. Works rather well, but not flawlessly.…

May 22, 2009 / / Movies

Interview with Akroid Despite the opinions of others I welcome this revival. I too have very fond memories of watching the films as a child…

May 22, 2009 / / Blog

Yet again I’m posting up another screenshot of my work in progress theme.

Basically, with this theme I wanted something really personal, the kind of theme you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. I also wanted to make its palette slightly ubuntuesque with oranges and browns. I think it’s coming along pretty well.

May 21, 2009 / / Blog Great little tutorial which allows you to double yourself (or whatever you want really) in a picture. Well written and easy to follow, expect…

May 19, 2009 / / Design
May 15, 2009 / / music

Recently I’ve started to use the fantastic service offered by Jamendo. Basically it’s a website/torrent service where bands from all over the world can publish…

May 13, 2009 / / Design

Just a little example of what can be easily achieved using only free software – not bad for an hour or so’s work! Click below…