Basic theme for now

Well, after a bit of faffing (pottering to you or me) I’ve settled on WordPress for my portfolio for the time being. It’s simple, gets the job done and allows me some time to polish all my templates and make them WP ready. Who knows, if I can clean them up in time I might enter one into my web hosts little competition on their forum. So for now, thanks go to Scott Wallick of plaintextblog for the simple theme currently in use. Nothing worse in my opinion than a bog standard install with Kubrick left on. So lazy!

OpenOffice 3.1 Released

Spelling and Grammer… 3.1 New Features

A new release of openoffice and with it a host of tweaked or new features. One of the aspects to recieve a bit of attention is the grammar checking. It still requires a grammar checker to be installed (easy with extensions) but now operates in a far more intuitive way. You can check spelling and then you can check grammar. Just as a good Word Processor should be.

Download it now, what are you waiting for it’s free!

Flocking all over the web

Started playing with Flock again recently. I dabbled with it while it was in its infancy a year or so ago and boy has it come on since then! The integration of the most popular social networking sites is brilliant, seamless integration with facebook, twitter, flickr, delicious bookmarks, digg, myspace (well… I suppose some people must still use it).

I think a review is shaping up in my head already – watch this space!