It’s all iphone, iphone, bloody iphone

Good god if I hear anything more about this damn phone I’m going to scream! I’m sure it’s lovely to use and packed so full of features you’ll never find half of them; but I’m just sick and tired of hearing about it or the latest gadgets available.

Perhaps I’m just being churlish here since I don’t have one (and have no plans to change that fact) but it just seems to be everywhere at the minute. I’m signed up to several of’s (usually) great newsletters but I received one today that consisted entirely of iphone information and links to archived iphone articles.

I don’t care about the bloody iphone!

They are quite expensive as phones go, surely I’m not alone in not having it? Come on sitepoint, there are far more interesting, audience-including, topics to cover – so tell us about them – not a phone!

Rant over.

Normal service will be resumed shortly…

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