Another theme update

Yet again I’m posting up another screenshot of my work in progress theme.

Basically, with this theme I wanted something really personal, the kind of theme you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. I also wanted to make its palette slightly ubuntuesque with oranges and browns. I think it’s coming along pretty well.

Damn it looks good in firefox ;)
Damn it looks good in firefox 😉

One thing though, it’s highly firefox/webkit optimized. It will always look better in firefox or any browser supporting the border-radius css3 property (currently just safari for the mac). Sorry IE and Opera users but my site just won’t look as good in your browsers. Perhaps a while down the road (when these incompatible browsers have done a little catch up. Apparently IE9 will include support for border-radius as well as native SVG support… but that’s thought for another day.

For now, the screenshot comes proudly from firefox… 3.0.10 and I think it’s looking great!

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