• Five minutes with Bill Bailey; slight recompense for missing his tour this year http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8073976.stm #
  • It’s been a mental 2 days.. no sleep, rats, poison. A trip to the hospital – unrelated, but tiring all the same, happy to say goodnight all. #
  • Finished work for the week – whoop whoop! Two whole days off… cue contented sigh. Time for a beer (I say ‘a’…) and some Benjy time. #
  • Ridley Scott to produce CC licensed (BY-SA) prequel web series to BLADE RUNNER http://digg.com/u14qw1 #
  • WhatTheFont: Great service for finding that elusive font http://bit.ly/Fw2TK #

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