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This site will always look better in firefox. In my humble opinion it’s the most reliable web-browser – throw nearly anything at it and it will just keep ploughing on regardless. This said, I’m not very good at just sticking to firefox, my urge to fiddle is too strong.

Currently on my main desktop I have:

  • Firefox – as I’ve said you just can’t beat it.
  • Google Chrome / Xulrunner – really quite nice, although I’ve found it a tad unstable and not as fast as I’ve heard tell of, it certainly starts quickly though! I’m keen to wait and see it mature, add plugin support – and then see how it is.
  • Opera – Nice to switch to occasionally, and it pioneered a lot of the features you see in modern browsers, home page “speed dialer” springs to mind straight away
  • IE7/8 – Unfortunately I like watching 4OD on my computer and currently there is no way to do this without ie6+, windows media player 10+ and a myriad of other dependencies. As a result I must use a form of windows, and I have to have Internet Explorer installed. Since my computer came with Vista (only basic though) I boot into it for tv – and some games.
  • Konqueror – Despite being a staunch gnome user, recently I’ve been dabbling with slax again and so have been using kde. Quite shockingly (to myself at least) I’ve really grown to like it. The use of a lot of integration widgets and plugins that used to bug me I found really useful and quite concealable if you want to get some web page real-estate back. Plus getting flash to work in it (even though in slax I could only comfortably get flash 9 working – 10 didn’t seem to want to play) was a nice treat and was no drain on resources.

And more besides! With all these I am able to get the largest scope of possible target web visitors and at least try to cater for all their needs.. well most of them. IE fixes still leave a bad taste in the mouth. Damn dirty browser…

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