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Surely a Google April Fools!

I got this pop up when Iogged into my gmail account this morning. Google Selfie/Shelfie theme? Is it awful that I almost like the idea?!

Google celebrates 20th Anniversary of Wallace and Gromit

Because I love Wallace and Gromit too!

Google Maps Online Monopoly

Finally a use, if a purely entertaining one, for google maps other than to find your house! According to ITProportal.com: Just like the traditional board form of the…

Google Wave – communication as it could/should be

I’m tempted to talk a lot about this new developing application; it’s uses as well as how it could well revolutionise how the world communicates online. But I…

Always better with firefox

This site will always look better in firefox. In my humble opinion it’s the most reliable web-browser – throw nearly anything at it and it will just keep…