Kubuntu 9.10 Kapture – a networking desktop

Well, after a little shuffling and sorting I decided to install Kubuntu Karmic Koala Alpha 5 on a spare partition on one of my hard drives. It recently became spare when I erased its former occupant: Windows 7. It was just taking up space…

After a bit of a lagging installation I find myself, having just clicked the “don’t restart” yet button, wanting to show off a feature I found completely by accident. A now included Plasma Widget for Facebook pictured below and the nano blog widget.

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More Candy for Karmic Koala

Apparently a greater selection of wallpapers and background images will be included in the next release of Ubuntu. I’m a little unsure about this. It can only be a good thing I suppose, more artwork, more community input – all good things. But is it needed? There are so many artwork websites out there for linux, you’re only ever a link away from gnome-look, kde-look, xfce-look, linuxmint-art (all essentially the same site, just rebranded and visited by different users… I assume) to name but a few.

But I think I’m just grumbling. So many people criticize ubuntu for the fact it’s brown and orange.. but so what. The easiest thing to do on a Linux computer (for me personally, in Gnome) is change the theme and general appearance of your desktop.

Everything can be customized. Don’t like the brown? Fine, it takes seconds to change it. If, like me, you prefer a simple, sensible desktop and just want to make the odd few changes here and there – you can.

But sorry I’ll stop now. Rant over. I guess that’s why the forum phenomenon “flame-wars” are called as such, the battles are often over but the war carries on..

More wallpapers can only really do good for Ubuntu and the huge community that enjoys and supports it, maybe I’ll do a couple of my own..